• Zooka Zooka Swang 

    Written by Andre Guay, Missael Manon, Tony Prendatt (c) 2018 Gabz Music (ASCAP)

    Produced, Engineered & Edited by Missael Mañon & Tony Prendatt for ModSquadLLC

    Mixed by Tony Prendatt

    iTunes Certified Mastering by Michael Fossenkemper, TurtleToneStudio, NY

    Featuring David Broza, acoustic guitars

    Featuring Daniel Berroa, percussion

    Recorded & Edited at Mod Squad Headquarters, NY/NJ

    Mixed at SoundOnSound Studio A, NJ using the Neve VR60 analog console & Avid Pro Tools

    Executive Producers: ModSquadLLC, John Kiehl & SoundOnSound Studios

    Apple Game App Developer: John Kiehl

    Assistant Engineer: Victoria Seagriff

    Art Direction: Conni Treantafeles 


    Contact: info@modsquadllc.com


    Videographers: George Steuber, Syuji Honda & Moises DePena

    Post Edit: George Steuber & Maximillan Shelton

    Post Edit Supervisors: Tony Prendatt & George Steuber

    Choreography: Laurie Taylor

    Produced & Directed by The Mod Squad

Do Your Zooka Zooka Swang!!!

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Distributed worldwide by ADA, a Warner Music Group Company

Executive Producers: ModSquadLLC, John Kiehl & SoundOnSound Studios

© Ⓟ 2018 ModSquadLLC all rights reserved